Quick Weight Loss Tips!

Here are a few quick weight loss tips that pretty much everyone should be doing. You can “sneak” these into your day which will help accelerate your weight loss progress. Take the next 2 minutes to read this article so you can take the next step for losing weight fast.

Quick Weight Loss Tips

1. Take time out of your day to walk up and down stairs for 5 minutes

That’s it. Just do it non-stop. Don’t tell me you walk up and down stairs enough as it is. Even if you do, you don’t do it all at once. This is 1 thing that you get better results doing it all at once. So use the stairs in your house, apartment or condo building to do this. Seriously, is 5 minutes asking too much? What are there, like 1400+ minutes in a day?

5 minutes is nothing… especially when you consider how important those 5 minutes are to your health and weight loss.

2. Do jumping jacks during a few commercial breaks

Can you spare 3 minutes of your time, 3 separate times a day? I bet you can. In fact, you can make wasted time, productive… by using tv commercial breaks. There are about 7 commercial breaks of 3 minutes for each hour of tv. Take 3 of them and do 3 minutes of jumping jacks during each of them.

3. Eat 2-3 apples a day as snacks or eat them 5 minutes before your meals

This is a great way to curb cravings and reduce your chances of eating junk foods between meals. Now, if you were to eat an apple 5 minutes before a meal, then you’ll help to reduce what you eat at the meal… thereby cutting calories without starving yourself and without causing a nutritional deficiency.

Try these 3 quick weight loss tips and I betcha you lose some weight fast.


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