Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast!

Here are some of the best exercises to lose weight fast with. Use these and you’ll speed up the whole weight loss process. Want to boost your metabolism a WHOLE LOT and cut your workout times in half? If so, read this now to find out these proven exercises that get the job done FAST.

Best Exercises to Lose Weight

1. Hill sprints or running up stairs

A lot of football players do this to get in shape and lose a lot of weight. WAIT WOMEN… this isn’t just for guys. A lot of times I hesitate to even mention this to my clients (mostly women) because I know they’ll think this is for guys only. Well, NO IT ISN’T.

It’s a pure conditioning and weight loss exercise. It has no gender. Too many women are afraid to do this stuff. I’ll make this easy for you.

If you live in a 2-story house or a condo/apartment building with stairs, just run up those stairs for 10 minutes non-stop. Run up 1-2 floors of stairs. Your rest time is walking back down. This only takes 10 minutes. I have another tip which is easier, but this is a must if you truly want to lose fat fast.

2. Mini-trampoline jumping jacks

This is more a metabolism booster when done how I advocate. What I highly recommend you do is to do these for no more than 3 minutes at a time. But do these 3 minutes a bunch of times during the day and night… 7-8 times at least. This effectively boosts your metabolism throughout the day. This is actually a better way of increasing your metabolism than the typical longer workouts you see people doing at gyms.

To make this a breeze, do these 3 minute jumping jacks on a mini-trampoline during tv commercial breaks.

There you go. 1 hard and 1 pretty easy. Combined, these are 2 of the best exercises to lose weight fast with.


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