Eating Healthy Foods to Lose Weight 2

From my last article I believe we now know what t eat to lose weight. What about what to drink? Our bodies don’t always know what to make of liquid calories. Some quench our thirst, while others do more than that; they satisfy our hunger too. The right drink at the right time can be a secret weapon in helping you drop pounds. Last time we talked of the five groups of foods that help in burning fats. Here I’ll give you the five drinks that also help.

1. Water: Yes, I mean clean portable water. When you are trying to lose e weight, water is crucial. Because it flushes toxins from your system and washes away unused sugars from the body. When you suddenly feel hungry, even though you have just eaten, it may be that your body is actually feeling a bit dehydrated craving fluids. So if you haven’t been drinking lately, reach for a glass of water and see whether it makes those thoughts of food go away.

2. Citrus Fruit JUICES: Again citrus fruits. Remember in the last article how combining citrus fruits in your meal can help you. Well for those that love drinking fruit juices, citrus fruit are your best bet. And take them fresh not pre-packed. Fruit juices are made of enzymes which increases the rate at which food is broken down and absorbed by the body. Packed and bottled fruit juices are pasteurized thereby destroying the enzymes. So get them fresh.

3. Decaffeinated Coffee: For the coffee die-hards, caffeine may keep you going during the day, but when you are trying to lose weight, it is smart to be a little wary of it. Some people do not react well to caffeine. It makes them irritable and shaky and can lead to increased hunger. Researches have shown that caffeine causes the brain to demand more blood sugar, while simultaneously decreasing the amount of blood sugar that can actually be delivered to the brain. So if you want coffee, go for decaffeinated coffee (with just 3% caffeine).

4. Herbal Tea: There are many herbal teas in the market today and they work. Because they are powerful antioxidants, not just for flushing fat but for everybody that deserves sound health and a beautiful body. So go get one.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar: Please make sure it is pure, unfiltered apple cider vinegar “with the mother”. That is the big difference between vinegar for washing fruits and vegetables for consumption. This is very god as it does not contain sugar and it helps you to burn stored fat. So if you want to lose weight, get your apple cider vinegar.


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