Lose Weight by Adding Vinegar To Your Diet

Whether your priority is to get and stay fit or just to keep your weight under control, there are circumstances when a vinegar diet can add that something extra to help you achieve your goals. It is a little known fact that numerous trials have shown that adding vinegar to meals increases the feeling of fullness.

Second helpings or just finishing off your plateful will become things of the past if you sprinkle some vinegar on your meal. There are way over twenty varieties of vinegar types, so choosing a flavor that suits you should not be difficult.

  • The British traditionally like Malt Vinegar, particularly on their national dish of fried fish and chips,
  • The Italian upper classes favor Balsamic Vinegar, which can be matured for up to 100 years in a variety of types of wood and is made from grapes and is highly aromatic.

Fortunately developments in the production of Balsamic has allowed the price to come into the range of us mere impecunious mortals and it has become highly popular worldwide in the last two decades. Of the many fruit vinegars perhaps the most popular, and beneficial health wise, is Apple or Cider Vinegar. As with all fruit type vinegars the taste of the original fruit remains present. So no excuses, if for any reason you are unable to carry out your usual weight loss exercise regime just add vinegar to your meals, or even if you are fit, healthy and ready to get up and go, adding vinegar can only do you good.

It can also make your grub taste better!
OK so you really have put in that extra yard down at the gym, or that extra mile on your morning jog and every muscle and joint aches so much you wonder whether it is really worth all that effort to feel so tired and sore.

Vinegar has the answer

  • Tired muscles, even sprains can be soothed by wrapping a cloth soaked with apple cider vinegar and wrapped around the sore area. Leave it on for about five minutes then top up the vinegar and reapply. For extra pain relief add a liberal helping of Cayenne pepper or Tabasco - this really works.

  • In the summer, the sun can take its toll when on that daily jog and, if you run out of sun cream, vinegar will come to the rescue. It will cost you a lot less than those expensively packaged lotions.

  • Simply mix half apple cider vinegar and half olive oil, the combination will help to prevent sunburn and it will also protect against chapping when cold winter winds attack.

  • Finally after all the effort you have put in, a relaxing shower beckons but sometimes there are hidden problems.

Athletes Foot may strike!
Your feet between the toes start to itch, the skin peels and small cracks appear. By now you should know the answer.

Rinse your feet in plain or apple cider vinegar several times a day. You should also soak your socks or hose in one part vinegar added to five parts water for half an hour to kill off the fungi before washing in the usual way.


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