How Can I Lose Weight in 2 Weeks Permanently?

According to the National Center of Health Statistics, 66.3% of adults (age 20 or older) are overweight. Being overweight and obese can pose many problems for us. Many ignorant people can say rude remarks like, “They person has no neck!” or “Why is that person eating French fries and a hamburger when they should be eating salad…?” It’s not to say that most obese people often aren’t lazy and don’t pig out on fast food. If you’re tired of these remarks and asking yourself how can I lose weight in 2 weeks, I’m going to show you a real way where you can lose a sufficient amount of weight in 2 weeks permanently.

The problem with weight is that many people use diets that don’t work. Have you ever tried a low fat diet only to see all your weight gain go back to normal? With low fat diets, many obese people think that as long as you’re eating foods with no fat or barely any fat in it, then it’s safe and okay to do so. So they start consuming more food than necessary -more low-fat pretzels, low-fat yogurt, low fat dressing, and whatever else they can think of. They think they are doing the right thing and eventually end up going back to their normal weight or gain even more weight than when they first started.

Other problematic diets are low calorie and low carb diets. Low calorie diets make the assumption that eating food with low calories will help lose weight. So people try going without food for hours and even for most of the day. This can be seriously damaging to one’s health. You don’t want to feel so weak, that you’ll be tired to do things throughout the day. Same goes with low carb diets. Many foods in low carb contain essential nutrients that we need, including fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and vitamin C. Without these proper nutrients, we may feel weakened during the day and if you only get 8 hours of sleep, we can’t rely on just coffee to power through a 16 hour day!

How can I lose weight in 2 weeks can won’t be an easy task, but if you know what you’re doing, then losing the kind of weight you want will be a lot more possible. There is no “magical potion” that you can drink to lose weight. But there is one effective solution that works, and that is being able to shift your calories. When you’re not shifting your calories, you’re metabolism rate is used to how you eat foods, what you eat, and when you eat. It’s at a steady pace. But what if when you “confuse” your metabolism by varying the different amounts you consume and different times you consume them, the body won’t know what to expect. You’re metabolism rate won’t be able to adjust to certain foods or slow down because your calorie intake on a daily basis will be variable. By doing this, you can end up burning tons of fat. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do this, but you’ll need to have an understanding of when you consume the most calories and what amount of calories you consume on a daily basis.


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