How I Lost 4 Pounds in One Week

It’s achievable to lose 4 pounds in one week. I did effortlessly without portion control, starving myself or restrictive calorie intake. In fact I never went out to lose 4 pounds I simply changed the way I was eating and increased how much was moving and the 4 pounds came off all by itself.

I ate more, increased the amount I ate by up to 5 meals throughout my day. This meant that I was never hungry or had the need to binge or overeat.

You can safely lose weight you just have to eat in order to do it, if you work in alignment with your body and its needs you will drop the weight.

It’s when we put our bodies through hell by restrictive calorie crash dieting damaging our metabolism and the way our body functions. We may think the weight we see dropping on the scale is fat loss but the truth is it is more likely water and precious muscle instead. The very muscle we need to grab the excess fat and burn it off as fuel.

Restrictive calorie diets cause the body to cannibalize itself and break down muscle to keep itself functioning. So in order to prevent that from happening you need to eat more food so that the body will use that as energy rather than your own muscle.

The horrifying thing when the body is starving is that it will even break down its own heart muscle to feed off. So make sure your metabolism is well fed by eating 5 to 6 smaller meals per day. This will ensure you have all the sustenance you need to burn fat and not muscle.

You don’t want to burn precious muscle either, especially heart muscle. When the heart muscle has been compromised it becomes thin and weak and leaves you vulnerable to heart attack. This is why those who suffer from anorexia often die from cardiac arrest.

To burn fat you need to build more muscle, this comes from using your large muscles like your legs and arms.

Walking is the perfect exercise because it uses all of major muscle groups. The more muscle the more it can grab the surrounding fat and burn it as energy, which when you think about it makes sense. All our fat really is is excess energy stores.


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