How to Lose Weight Off Your Hips

The ads seem so promising: “Lose Weight Off Your Hips”, they proclaim - and yet so often, they fail to work for you. Have you just given up on this dream? Don’t! There are real easy ways for you to make this dream a reality. Here are some suggestions that work.

How to Lose Weight Off Your Hips

1. Keep some triphala on hand. This is a herb that has been discovered to act as a complete body cleanser. Health experts have found that a couple teaspoons each night helps to detoxify your body, which in turn breaks down body fat. This helps you shed excess pounds and does wonders for your hips!

2. Don’t put too much stock in diet pills. Almost every doctor will tell you that in the long run, they simply don’t work. To lose fat in your hips, you must have a drastic cut in your calorie intake - and diet pills do not help in that regard.

3. Put a lot of emphasis on exercise. This is especially true of aerobics exercises. Walking is a good example. A good brisk walk is considered one of the top exercises for taking the weight off of both your hips and thighs. And if walking outside is impossible, then either visit a gym for a “walk” on the treadmill or invest in one to put in your own home gym.

4. Keep a diet notebook. This is one of the habits most closely linked to losing weight and taking inches off your hips. This is because the practice makes you aware of just how much junk you’re putting in your body - and serves to motivate you to stop.

5. Be patient with yourself. Fat around the hips is much harder to get rid of, compared to fat located elsewhere in your body.

6. Inspire yourself! How? Find some diet support groups online. Read books about people who have changed their lives by dropping pounds and getting in shape. Subscribe to magazines on the subject. Anything that keeps you motivated to follow your new fitness program is a good investment.

Follow these simple tips and then next time you see that ad boasting “Lose Weight Off Your Hips”, you can say, “I already have!”


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