How to Lose Inches Off Your Hips and Pounds From Your Waist

Here’s how to lose inches off your hips fast. I’ll give you 1 simple exercise to do and a SNEAKY little diet manipulation trick so that you can still eat your favorite foods while losing weight.

How to Lose Inches Off Your Hips

1. Do bodyweight squats for 4 sets of 25-30

Bodyweight squats… you know them I’m sure. NO weights involved. Just squat down so that your upper thighs are about parallel to the ground. Raise up to stand up straight. Continue doing that for 25-30 reps. These really work your legs and butt good.

Do the first set and then rest 45 seconds. Keep doing sets and resting 45 seconds until you’ve done a total of 4 sets. If you can’t do 25-30 to start with, that’s fine. Just work your way up to that range.

Since you are only using your bodyweight, I want you to do these every single day. Takes only 6 minutes or so. If you want to break them up into 2 sets in the morning and 2 sets at night… that’s fine also.

These things pull off fat from the hips and waist at a very rapid rate and you should start noticing a big difference around 14-17 days after you start these.

2. Diet trick

Eat an apple 5 minutes BEFORE each meal. Here’s the deal with apples. They have 5 grams of fiber and they’re high in water content. This is good news because this helps to fill you up BEFORE you take a bite from your meal. So what will end up happening is you will eat less at your meals without feeling like you’re starving. This is a simple trick to use to cut calories safely.

If you don’t at least try this, I don’t know what to say. It’s so simple and it’s incredibly effective. It’s PROVEN TO WORK.

These are just 2 simple ways on how to lose inches off hips and pounds from your waist.


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