Lose Weight Easily While You Sleep

Dieting with aloe vera is as easy as sleeping. How lovely to sink into the soft pillows and rest. While you sleep there is a lot of repairing going on in the regeneration department while the brain is on standby.

Subconscious schedules come into play to repair all the wear and tear. Skin, muscle, cartilage in fact all the live components of our being get a tissue overhaul. Being alive means every inch of us needs renewal. And it happens when we rest. Now all this requires energy and the place where energy is stored is in the fat cells.

This anti-aging or re-construction is aided by a protein called collagen. A major component in tissue construction used for organs, bones, nails, hair, etc. The cartilage between our bone joints for example, provides a shock absorber that makes us glide along smoothly.

While we sleep there is constant regeneration taking place. Maintaining a healthy body will keep us fully active and flexible long into life. Dieting with aloe vera will help you to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

As we age this repair system can become rundown as the production of collagen reduces. This depletion is one of the major factors of premature aging. That liquid mobility begins to stiffen up and our whole appearance becomes less fluid.

Oh My God! What can you do?

No. 1 Do not eat anything 3 hours before you get horizontal.
No. 2 Ingest Aloe vera. (Before the 3 hour period.)
No. 3. Sleep well. Think good thoughts. Love someone. (Try not to lie awake feeling anxious or worried or unhappy.) Play with the butterflies.

When we sleep deeply an eager regeneration takes place. We age but we can extend our good looks long into life.

Now to the business of dieting with aloe vera. If you have eaten nothing for the rule of law above, your body will be forced to draw from its hidden reserves: Fat. There is no competition here to see who can work out that this might lean towards leanness!

You get the double whammy. Your body becomes sleek again and your system comes back into tone. This also places a good anti-aging potential back into your body. The simple formula: No food 3 hours before you retire to bed. Include Aloe vera in your daily diet to boost collagen production. Sleep well. Simple and effective dieting with aloe vera.


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