Lose Weight For the Holidays - How Can I Lose Weight Fast And Look Great in Time For Christmas?

Who else wants to lose weight in time for the holidays? If you are anything like me, and MOST of our readers, you are probably raising your hand REALLY high right now, right? Well the simple truth is that the BIGGEST enemy, in my view, of looking your best in time for seeing all your friends, family (and in my case…even old flames..:-) to impress for Christmas, is ANALYSIS paralysis. So many of us waste VALUABLE time in this short life PLANNING the perfect diet, rather than simply diving in and making it happen! If this sounds like you, continue reading on as we take a quick look at turning it around in a hurry. Read on..:-)

Over planning Will Kill Your Body, Mind and Spirit……

Yes, it’s true. I’ve seen friends literally sit around and study a diet, or the new “fad” diets and philosophies for weeks on end….looking for the perfect path, and magical solution to their weight loss goals. I’ll call and ask how the diet is going…..and it’s always SUCH a predictable response - “still trying to do research” or - “not sure yet which diet I’m going to go with, want to read more before…..” etc, etc, ETC…:-) We all KNOW how this song ends, don’t we? Exactly. I’ve got LOTS of friends who are even HEAVIER today than they were 6 months ago while shopping for the perfect plan.

There is NO Magic Pill, Folks……..

Want to lose weight in time for the holidays. Good. Here is the BEST advice you are going to get - and it’s FREE. Start today. Right now. (or tomorrow morning..:-) Pick a program, and stick with it. We recommend the Medifast Diet because it’s GREAT, inexpensive and works phenomenally FAST. But it may not be right for you. Just pick something that is….and get your body, (and mind!) moving in the direction of momentum! The best way to KILL stagnation is movement and momentum, and you’ll NEVER get any reading another dieting book, that much we ALL know for sure..:-)


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