Lose Weight - Time to Stare Reality in the Face

You’ve made a decision. Maybe it was the fleeting reflection of yourself in the dress shop window as you mentally poured scorn on those pawing their way through the rack marked ’size 12′. Or was it the sight of your jeans on the clothes line billowing like the mainsail of a large schooner that finally made you realize that you had to start making some changes in your life.

It’s the thought of what you have to go through to lose weight that’s the worst thing of all isn’t it? It’s when you switch off your autopilot for a brief moment and you suddenly realize that you’ve got some work to do. You become aware of other people and you start making comparisons - which is the very thing you try not to do every day - because it hurts.

Losing weight is probably a pain to you because you’ve tried so many times to get shot of the pounds, but the weight just comes back again. It’s a familiar story. To lose weight permanently and to keep your sanity, you need to make personal change. Why? Well if you keep on in the same old way you’ll never lose weight. A process, like a diet is not going to do it for you either. You have to make the effort to change or you’ll stay the way you are forever.

Two things will help you. The first is to focus on the outcome you want. If you start to visualize what you want the outcome to be, what you want to look like when you’ve lost weight, for example, it will help to motivate you and strengthen your resolve.

The second thing to do is to do an honest personal audit of all your bad habits. Honesty is important here. If you are economical with the truth, you will not be doing yourself any favours: anyway who is going to see this audit? It’s personal, and it’s for your eyes only, so be really, really honest with yourself. It’s important.

The more you can build your self-awareness, the more effective the process of change will be. Living a lie or living your life with your autopilot switched on is a recipe for no change. No change, no weight loss - it’s that simple.


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