Slim Down!

Here’s how to slim down really fast. If you’re looking to drop pounds and inches and of course a bunch of weight, then take 2 minutes to read all of this article. I’ll share with you some great slimming techniques that you probably aren’t doing right now. So read this now.

Slim Down

1. Do vacuum poses daily

These things are all about sucking in your belly really hard and holding it for a few moments. I’m sure you’ve done this before, except it wasn’t part of a slimming program. Look, I’ve had clients lose 3 inches off their bellies doing this exercise for just a month. It’s powerful and it’s proven effective. Nothing comes close to it if you’re trying to flatten your belly and tone up.

Do these during commercial breaks. I recommend at least 5 minutes a day… but 10 will get you better results.

2. Walking up and down your stairs

If you have stairs in your home… PERFECT. If not, I hope you have some stairs nearby. This shouldn’t be a problem if you live in a condo or apartment building. Anyway, this is quite simple. Take 15 minutes of your time each day and devote it to walking up and down those stairs. The key to having this work great for toning and tightening is to do this NON-STOP.

I have a lot of clients tell me they already do this. They walk up and down stairs enough each day. Maybe so, but I know they don’t devote a full 15 minutes non-stop to it. Just do it. You’ll be glad you did. Just trust me on this one.

Try these 2 simple exercises and you’ll slim down fast and in no time at all.


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