Slimming Down!

Slimming down for weight loss… I have a few “tricks” that I will share with you in this article. You don’t have to accept being overweight if you don’t want to. It’s hard these days to lose weight… it’s almost like a conspiracy against you. Lots of confusing advice, tons of unhealthy foods, you’re too busy to focus on yourself, you have tons of stress due to being overworked and under-appreciated, and on and on and on.

Do yourself a favor and take the next 2 minutes to read this article because it may be able to help you get out of this rut.

Slimming Down

1. After you eat meals, rub your belly

This is not some type of joke. I’m being serious. This works to improve the digestion of those foods you just ate. Most people have a terrible and inefficient digestive process. This puts a HALT to weight loss and seriously slows it down. You can be doing everything right, but if your digestive system doesn’t want to go along with the program, it won’t happen.

What I want you to do is lie down after you eat, and take 2 minutes to rub circles over your belly. Do 1 minutes rubbing with your right hand and 1 minute rubbing with your left hand. If you can do this after 3 meals, great, but at the very least do it after 1 meal a day.

2. Save your workout time for commercials

I bet you’re too busy to go to the gym consistently. It’s tough. Not only do you need to spend 45+ minutes there working out, but then you have 10+ minute drives there and back. Then add in a shower and who knows what else… that’s a big chunk of time. Because you can’t get to the gym often, I bet you slack off and skip it a lot.

Well, you can forget going to the gym and workout while you watch tv. Wait for the commercial breaks and then do an exercise. Have stairs in your house? Great… walk up and down them for the 3 minutes the commercials are on. The next commercial break you can do some jumping jacks. After that, perhaps jump on a mini-trampoline.

Whatever, it almost doesn’t matter. Just be active during a bunch of those commercial breaks. Those 3 minutes add up to a complete workout.

Don’t make slimming down hard… just follow these 2 tips for 2 weeks and watch as your body starts to tone up.


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