Stop Retaining Water and Lose Water Weight

Here’s how to stop retaining water and lose water weight relatively fast. Following this advice, most people lose 2-5 pounds in a week or so. So read this now if you’re bloated with water weight and want to get rid of it.

Stop Retaining Water

1. Quickest way to lose water weight is to drink more water

Why? It has to do with your survival. 1,000’s of years ago, clean water was kinda scarce. So you were in danger of dying of thirst if you didn’t get some. So our bodies evolved into carrying added water weight as a “buffer” to help keep you alive. The people who retained the most water were the ones who had a big advantage for survival. This was passed on to their kids.

So we still have that in us.

But with our modern world, for most of us, lack of water isn’t a problem. But the problem is, you’re not drinking enough which is putting your body in the same state it was back 1,000’s of years ago. It clings to what little water you give it. You end up carrying 3-8 pounds of added water weight usually.

Simple solution… drink more water, to the point where your urine is slightly yellow or clear. Get drinking!

2. Eat fruits and vegetables

Why? They have high water content in them. So you’re eating your water. I consider apples a top fruit to eat… but just about any will do.

With these 2 tips, you should stop retaining water and start to lose water weight within a week.


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