How to Stop Retaining Water to Lose Weight

Here’s how to stop retaining water so that you can drop that weight quickly. To be perfectly honest, it’s easy. It’s just a question of you actually following through with this information and doing it. We’re all busy and sometimes we overlook small things. Take 2 minutes to read this article so that you can become more conscious of what you need to do to get rid of water weight and keep it off.

How to Stop Retaining Water

1. Do the opposite of what seems logical

You’d think that if you drink more water, you’d retain more water. NOT SO. You actually flush out excess water weight when you drink plenty of water. Now, here’s the reasoning behind that. Think back thousands of years. Water was kinda scarce, yeah? Yep, it was. Well, our bodies are really smart. Our bodies started hoarding water whenever we drank it back then. This will help keep us a live so we don’t die of thirst.

Those people whose bodies adapted the best and retained the most water usually survived the best and passed on their genes through having children. Those that didn’t have good “water retaining” abilities died.

So it’s in our genetics.

But we can OVERRIDE our genetics by tricking it into thinking we are getting plenty of water, thus there’s no need to retain extra water. The answer is obviously to drink more water. It’s different for each person, but you’ll want to pay attention to your urine color to know if you’re getting enough water. Light yellow and clear urine means you’re getting enough water. Dark yellow means you’re in a state of dehydration and your body will retain extra water.

2. If you don’t like drinking too much extra water, eat water-rich fruits and vegetables

Things such as apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc all have high water contents. You can “EAT WATER” as well. This is an easy way to get extra water without having to always drink it. Try to have at least 1 fruit or vegetable between every meal.

Doing these 2 things is how to stop retaining water and lose 3-8 pounds really fast.


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