White Bread You re Dead! Water Retention and Weight Loss

Do you like white bread? It’s delicious, isn’t it? There’s nothing better than being able to sink your teeth into a thick slice of crusty white bread. But is it doing you any good? When it tastes so good that’s not the question you want to ask yourself, is it?

White bread may be delicious, but we eat far too much of it and it’s now becoming a major cause of weight gain, particularly in the Western world.

There are two problems with white bread. The first is that it’s made with refined flour. Nothing wrong with that, you might think, but that’s not the case. ‘Refined’ means that most of the goodness has been taken out. In the refining process, essential minerals, vitamins and fiber that we need have been ‘refined away’. What we’re left with might taste good, but its nutritional value is low. All that white bread does is to keep our jaws busy.

Because white bread is made from refined flour it has a high glycaemic index (GI) which means that it causes a rapid rise in blood sugar which in turn affects the amount of insulin the body produces. Insulin increases appetite. The more white bread we eat (and that includes things like burger buns) the hungrier we feel. The effect this can have on weight gain is easy to see.

If that were not enough, white bread contains a huge amount of salt. The next time you pick up a loaf of white bread, have a look at how much salt there is in one slice of bread. Bread constitutes over 25% of our daily salt intake. (Your daily intake of salt should be 4g and never above 6g).
In a recent study it was found that in a significant number of cases, nearly 20% of daily energy intake came from white bread. In all cases the daily salt intake was well above recommended levels.

High salt intake is very dangerous indeed. If your salt intake is too high, your body retains too much water and the level of bodily fluids increases. This in turn increases blood pressure. High blood pressure, or hypertension, can lead to heart attack and stroke. Too much salt also increases your thirst. If you quench that thirst with water you are compounding the problem. If you drink cola of a similar drink you will dramatically increase your calorie intake and weight gain will be the result.

White bread needn’t be excluded from your diet, but it should be a very small part of it. If you’re trying to lose weight you need to get into the habit - a slim habit - eating very little white bread. Best if you eliminate it from your diet totally and eat brown or wholemeal bread instead.


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