What s Sabotaging Your Diet?

Dieting can be a tricky process. Different diets have different rules and it is up to us to figure out what works best for our specific dieting needs. Some people follow a diet exactly as advised and they lose weight while others on the same exact diet barely shed any pounds. So what exactly is sabotaging their weight loss results?

There are certain minor alterations which can impact our weight loss process tremendously. Consuming large meals at night is one of the obstacles between us and weight loss. For a lot of people dinner is the biggest meal of the day. It is a time when everyone sits around the dinner table and enjoys the main course with three different sides. Making your dinner plate a little lighter in the evening can make a lot of difference as far as weight loss is cornered. The second obstacle between you and weight loss is “too many small meals.” A lot of diets now days encourage eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day; however, some dieters take this to the extreme and they snack for most of the day. At the end of the day you don’t want all of your small frequent meals to add up to more calories than your large size meals. That defeats the whole purpose.

The third weight loss sabotage culprit is exercise. Every reputable diet encourages physical activity of some kind; the question is “are you exercising enough”? Some of these diets make physical activity almost obsolete. They barely encourage any physical fitness in order to attract customers. They know that people don’t like to exercise, so why not tell them they don’t have to. The bare fact is, however, that everyone needs physical activity and the more weight you want to burn the more difficult the fitness process might be. If you feel like the physical activity that goes along with your diet is too easy, it’s probably not going to help you lose weight. These are just a few things to look at when your diet results are not quite as expected.


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