The Importance of Diet Cheat Days For Weight Loss

When starting up on a weight loss program, you should always give some consideration to whether or not this particular program has diet cheat days incorporated into it.

Many people think that cheating is the exact opposite thing they’d want to be doing on a weight loss program, however it’s the exact opposite.

Here’s why.

Cheating and Metabolism

The first reason why a diet cheat day is important is because it’s going to help to speed up your metabolism, causing you to burn more calories on a daily basis.

As we all know, when it comes to dieting, the more calories you can burn every day - the better.

This is why you often hear people complaining so much about being stuck with their weight loss program because they have a ’slow metabolism’.

It isn’t necessarily that their metabolism is slow, but rather, that due to the diet they’re on, their metabolism is functioning less than optimal.

Cheat days will help you correct this.

Psychological Break

The second reason why a cheat day is critical for success on your weight loss program is because it will give you a psychological break.

You likely know as well as the next person that when you go weeks on end without eating a food that you’re really, truly craving, things get intense.

Your body and mind want that food - so bad that it can become almost impossible to resist it.

Does this mean you’re a failure at dieting if you give in?

Most definitely not.

All it means is that you’re not on a very well set-up diet. A good diet program will allow you to have these cheat meals so that you don’t feel like you’re going to go crazy the next time someone walks by with a plate of brownies.

Restoration of Muscle Glycogen

Finally, the last reason why diet cheat day is an important component of your weight loss program is because it will help to restore the muscle glycogen levels.

Whenever you go on a fat loss diet, chances are that you’re going to be reducing total carbohydrates eating. Some diets will do this more than others - it really just depends on your approach.

Due to this, as time goes on, your muscles will begin to have less and less stored energy to exercise off of and unless these carbs are restocked on a big carb up at some point, eventually you may not be able to sustain high intensity exercise at all.

Because of the fact that many of the foods you’ll likely choose to cheat with contain a good dose of carbs, this makes diet cheat days a great way to restore these levels, so you never have to worry about this.

So, be sure you’re not discounting the importance of a diet cheat day. Not only are they fun, but they’re a great way to see better results with your current weight loss program.


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