Diet For Idiots - Diet Guidelines For Weight Loss

Here’s a diet for idiots. Diet guidelines for weight loss and health. I’m not saying you’re an idiot, I’m just trying to say that this isn’t complicated so you have nothing to worry about. It’s right to the point. If you got 2 minutes now, read this article and learn how to effectively lose weight fast.

Diet for Idiots

1. Have at least 1 soup and 1 salad each day before meals

Soups and salads are filling, yet they contain few calories. (One note… please make the soup from scratch since most canned soups have too many useless calories and ingredients). The purpose of these soups and salads have to do with CALORIE BLOCKING. Basically, they block out calories from the meals because you will get full sooner and thus eat less of the meal. Pretty simple and to the point, yeah? So make it happen.

2. Use lentils and black beans as side dish fillers for meals

Ok, these 2 foods are SUPERFOODS in my book. They’re both packed with lots of fiber and protein and they’re CHEAP! These bad boys fill you up big time. As you can tell, I’m still allowing you to eat your normal foods… I’m just making it so you eat less of them without you even trying to eat less. If you can get in 1 can of black beans each day and or 4 ounces of lentils… you’re well on your way to losing plenty of weight.

3. Snacks that work for weight loss

These snacks either have fiber or protein in them. Not the simple sugar carbs that most junk foods have. Top choices as far as I’m concerned… apples, beef jerky, yogurts, or string cheese. Plenty of variety there. Hope that solves the boredom factor.

Using these 3 diet guidelines for weight loss, this is the ultimate diet for idiots.


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