Diet Meal Plans!

Here are some diet meal plans you can use as a guide to what will best help you to lose weight. Look, the fastest way to lose fat is to do it through a diet. Once you accept that fact and you’ve said enough is enough, you’ll be on your way to losing a lot of weight. I don’t know you and this isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of thing.

However, if you take a couple moments to read this article, I think you’ll find that you learned something new on how to lose weight a little bit faster.

Diet Meal Plans

1. The high protein and natural carbs route

The Atkins diet is just too extreme for most people. So don’t even bother with it. Instead, go with a high protein diet and use fruits and vegetables to get natural carbs instead of processed sugar carbs into your diet. Processed carbs act differently than the carbs in natural foods. They’re a lot worse for your blood sugar. Sugars in fruits and vegetables are often “tempered” by the fiber that they naturally have.

So don’t worry about how many carbs you get, just make sure they’re natural sources of carbs that don’t come out of boxes.

2. The liquid diet plan

Often, people fail on this as well. Reason… you need foods and their bulk to help fill you up. Liquid diet plans are great for weight loss, but don’t use the protein shakes as your main meals. They simply don’t have enough calories to fill you up usually. But what you can do is something like this. Eat 2 normal to small meals and also have 2 protein shakes as your other 2 meals. That spreads things out a bit and helps control your cravings and hunger. If that’s not enough, have an extra protein shake.

Use these 2 diet meal plans as a guide and you’re sure to start dropping the pounds quickly.


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