Effective Way For Losing Weight

Here’s an effective way for losing weight that good for both fast weight loss and long term weight loss. Weight loss is both easy and hard. It’s easy when you don’t make it complicated. It’s hard when you focus on too much and totally make it a complete drain of energy and focus. It’s not all-consuming… you can lose weight and have a normal life.

Effective Way for Losing Weight…

The small manipulation theory.

It’s very simple. You make small changes in your diet and exercise routines that you barely notice. Why does this work? Because you don’t go outside your comfort zone and you don’t waste much time doing these things. Working with thousands of people, I’ve noticed that asking them to make big changes and spend large amounts of time doing those changes is a losing battle.

This required me to change my tactics and find things that are practical for people to do… THINGS THAT WORK. Here are a few insights…

1. Eat a small bowl of soup before 2 of your meals and eat an apple or banana… before or after every meal

See what is happening? No major changes to the main part of your meal. So you can relax. But you do need to “WORK THE EDGES”. You need to fill up before the meal and after. This allows you to bring down the amount of calories you’re eating. You don’t risk starving and there is no malnutrition going on.

2. During tv commercials, do some sort of exercise

Anything! Pushups, jumping jacks, jump on a mini-trampoline, jump rope, hula hoop, walk up and down the stairs in your home, etc. Tv commercial breaks last about 3 minutes. There’s about 7 of the per hour. What’s stopping you from using a few of those to exercise each day?


This is an extremely effective way for losing weight… try it and see for yourself.


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