Free Weight Loss Tips to Help You Get Results Faster

If your goal is to lose fat, chances are you’re searching for free weight loss advice that you can put into practice.

This is a very good thing because the more knowledge you have about the process of fat loss, the better you’ll be able to tailor a fat loss workout or diet program to meet your goals. It’s those individuals who don’t take the time to learn from the various free weight loss resources that are available to them that suffer, since they often feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

While it’s a good idea to invest in a smart diet program to help you achieve your goals, the more you can read on weight loss, the better.

Here are some free weight loss tips to get you started.

Start Your Day With Protein

Most tips will alway say, ‘eat breakfast’. Well this is good and all but if you start your day with a heavy dose of carbohydrates, not only are you likely to be hungry by about 11 am, but you’re also going to feel zonked out due to fatigue.

Carb only meals are big problems for the dieter and need to be avoided.

Instead, opt to have a breakfast that’s filled with protein, along with a small dose of carbs and maybe a bit of healthy fat as well (peanut butter or other nuts).

This will keep you going throughout the day.

Avoid Too Many Supplements

What you don’t want to do is start taking every supplement under the sun to help you get better results.

Why? Because often times you won’t get better results. Instead, you’ll just wind up neglecting your diet and workout program, thinking the supplement is going to take care of the weight loss for you.

Only it won’t and you’ll be back to square one before you know it. Instead, use only supplements that are going to help you out with nutrition - a multivitamin, fish oil, and maybe some other specific vitamins or minerals you fall short in.

Some dieters will choose to take protein as well, but I’d be cautious with this one as it will not create near the feeling of satiety in the body as a solid protein source would.

Focus Carbohydrates Around Your Workout

Next, try and focus all your carbohydrate intake to right around the workout period.

This will help ensure they are used by the body and are not just turned into body fat by the body.

Try and have carb/protein meals around the workout and fat/protein meals throughout the remainder of the day.

Spread Your Meals Out How It’s Convenient For You

That old notion that eating six times a day is going to speed your metabolism? Not quite correct.

In all actuality, the body will adjust it’s metabolism to speed up based on the amount of food you take in at any given instant.

So, take in 500 calories with a larger meal and you’ll burn proportionately more than if you would have taken in only 250 calories with a smaller meal.

Three 500-calorie meals vs six 250 calorie meals will equal a net amount.

Don’t stress over meal frequency. Eat when it’s convenient for you. What’s more important is that at the end of the day, you’ve reached your calorie totals.

So, be sure you keep these free weight loss tips in mind when going about your diet. While dieting itself is not a particularly complicated process - eat fewer calories than you burn, if you fail to understand some of the advanced principles of dieting, you aren’t going to get optimal results.


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