Burn Fat Tips!

I have some burn fat tips for you in this article. These will help you to SHORTCUT the whole ordeal of losing weight and CHEAT in a way so that you lose more weight in less time. If you can spare 2 minutes or so to read this article, you’ll be rewarded with some information that’ll make weight loss easier. So read this now.

Burn Fat Tips

1. Eat salads before meals

This is a good way to substitute and reduce calories with each meal. You substitute out bad calories and replace them with less calories that are better. The vegetables in salads have few calories, yet they help to fill you up. I recommend that you eat these salads 5 minutes before the meal. They don’t have to be anything fancy. Just throw in some vegetables together. For most people, by doing this, you’ll be able to reduce 20-30% of the total meal’s calories

All I’m asking of you is to give this a try for 10 days. See if this alone doesn’t help you to lose 3 pounds in that time.

2. Cold water after your showers

This is a quick, efficient, down and dirty way to burn fat immediately. What you do is take your shower however it is you normally do. Once you’ve completed your shower, switch the water to as cold as possible and rinse it all over your body for 20 seconds. Does this feel good? Definitely not. Does being fat make you happy? I think you can suffer a little for 20 seconds to help slim yourself down. The reason this works is because the cold water forces the body into thermogenesis in order to keep the body’s core temperature the same.

To do this, your body burns fat.

These are 2 simple burn fat tips that work… so DO THEM.


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