How to Lose Weight on Vacation

The holiday season is near. That means big meals and vacations. Don’t panic over the idea of going on vacation and coming back flabbier than before you left. It doesn’t have to be that way. I went away for 2 weeks and lost 5 pounds!

Here’s How I did it:

Be Active

You can still relax while participating in leisurely activities. Going away doesn’t have to mean sitting on the beach drinking pina coladas all day. Walk and explore by yourself or on a guided hike, go horseback riding or swim in the ocean. These are all things you may not get to do at home. Take advantage!

Limit beer and cocktails.

It’s fun to have drinks while you are on vacation. Especially at a swim up bar! You can enjoy yourself but drink in moderation and chose your drinks wisely. Take a few minutes to look up the nutrition info in your favourite drinks. Pick and choose the ones lowest in calories. Pina Coladas are really bad for you. Strawberry daiquiris are not nearly as high in calories. Switch beer for wine some nights and try to skip a few times when you would have a drink. Instead, follow the tip above and do something active instead.

Eat Healthy

The all inclusive, all you can eat buffets can be dangerous. You don’t have to eat like you are on a diet on your vacation. It IS your vacation! Just remember to stay away from the greasy stuff. If you are really tempted, fill up on veggies and nutritious food first, so by the time you get to the bad stuff you won’t eat as much of it but you will still feel like you ate whatever you wanted.

Get a hotel with a gym

If you can get around to 30 minutes of exercise at least a few times while you are away, you are maintaining your program. If you feel like being in the gym takes away from the point of a vacation, try jogging along the beach. It’s one of the most invigorating things to do in the morning!

Going on vacation doesn’t have to be a fitness program disaster. It’s perfectly possible to lose weight and get fit while you are away. Actually being away from home is a great time to kick bad habits (like the junk food at night) and start fresh.

Have A Healthy Vacation!


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