How to Lose Weight While Having Sex!

If you just adopt a few simple standards into your life and use them on a regular basis, you can in fact lose more weight and tone up faster than otherwise. Make this list a few of your “non-negotiable” standards. This means doing them no matter WHAT.

WARNING: Reading this list could result in speedy weight-loss, spiritual enlightenment and/or great sex.

Speeding Up Your Metabolism - Your metabolism is the secret key to losing more weight, burning more fat and toning more of your body faster than ever before. Becoming someone with a “dream-metabolism” is one step you need to take if you plan on losing weight and toning up while you sit at home on the couch, watch TV, surf the net, or even while you have sex.

Activating Your Core - Your abdominal muscles play a powerful role in the way your body works. By activating your core while you are being intimate, you are strengthening your abdominal muscles and centering your strength. This also helps to correct your posture and gives you better balance in everyday life.

Breathing - Breathing deeply into your core is a great way to increase your oxygen levels so that your body performs more effectively. This is an important thing to keep in mind when doing anything in your regular, day-to-day life. Many people breathe primarily into their upper-body (chest) which is shallow, unfocused breathing and effectively restricts you from your true potential. By breathing deeply into your abdomen (without forcing your breath but through focusing attention), you can achieve higher oxygen levels and balance the energy of your body. This is especially important during intimacy with your partner as it will help to build a stronger connection between you.

Is This The Solution? - Using sex as your sole method to lose weight is honestly NOT very effective - unless you’re doing it 5 or more times per day! If you want to get the most out of every bit of activity you are engaged in, increasing your metabolism through improved health can be a great way to go.

Try increasing your metabolic rate through health-promoting methods (not smoking) and take heed of the tips above. Use them in your life and you are on your way to weight loss success!


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