How to Shrink Stomach Fat!

Here’s how to shrink stomach fat fast. What I’m about to talk about is kinda weird, but hopefully you’ll see the logic in it and try it out for a few weeks. If you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and rewarded for your open mind.

How to Shrink Stomach Fat

1. Rub your belly in the morning or after meals

Ok, here’s the deal with these belly rubs. The motion (circular motion with 1 hand) helps to stimulate your digestive process. I think it has to do with pressure points, but regardless, your digestion will speed up which in turn helps you to maximize your weight loss potential.

Another thing you can add on to this is to rub your hands together for heat. This heat stored in your hands then gets transfered to your fat cells when you do these belly rubs because the heat goes right through your skin. It’s a neat little trick.

I recommend that you do these belly rubs for about 2 minutes either when you wake up or after 1-2 meals. You can do this while sitting down, but I much prefer you do these while lying down.

2. Spinning around

This is not a direct way to lose belly fat, but it helps you to lose weight all over your body… INCLUDING your belly. So I included it. Do you eat good and exercise a bunch, but still have a hard time losing weight? If so, you have hormonal issues that are putting a halt to weight loss. Without getting totally technical with you, the simple solution is to spin around in a circle.

This stimulates a “more managed” flow of hormones instead of a wild up and down swing. Once you develop a more normal hormonal release pattern, weight loss happens naturally. So spin around until you get slightly dizzy. That moves you closer to developing a flat stomach via overall fat loss.

These are 2 STRANGE ways on how to shrink your stomach fat… keep an open-mind and try them out for 2 weeks. You’ll be glad you did.


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