Revival Soy Bars As a Potential Weight Loss Aid

Review Summary

The makers of these bars note that they do not use what they call, your typical supermarket soy. The soy contained in these bars is meant to be of high quality and in a concentration high enough to meet the recommendations of doctors for the daily diet. These products are advertised to not only boost energy, but the Revival Soy Bars are also advertized to increase weight loss results and to provide menopausal support. They are primarily marketed to women, but the company does not go so far as to say they are just for women. Currently, this brand is also promoting a line of soy shakes as well.

Product at a Glance

Currently, this line of soy bars offers a variety of flavors, including Peanut Chocolate Buddy, Autumn Apple Frost and Chocolate Raspberry Zing. The company notes that each of these soy bars are low in carbohydrates, completely trans fat free and even considered to be kosher. The typical calorie content of one bar is around 250 calories. All of the bars appear to be low in sugar content but this is because the company uses sugar alternatives, such as Malitol Powder.

Product in Focus

It does not appear that the company recommends that dieters use these Revival Soy Bars as a meal replacement. This means that women will be adding around 250 calories a day to their daily caloric intake, and yet they will still expect to lose weight. We are aware of the health benefits of soy, but since it has not been proven to generate significant weight loss we wonder if these bars can even burn off their own calories.

As mentioned, these soy bars are low in sugar content. It appears that each bar contains just 2 grams or so of sugar. Though, this is because the company turns to sugar alternatives, and these bars appear to contain a high quantity of these sugar alternatives. We do want to note that many sugar free sweeteners are associated with some uncomfortable side effects. Due to the high content of Malitol in some of these Revival Soy Bars some potential users may experience stomach cramps and even diarrhea.

We do want to note that we came across a series of independent consumer reviews for these soy bars and other soy products promoted by the company. It appears that not all consumers are impressed with these bars, and some even complained about the bars’ taste. A number of these reviewers noted that they did not think that these bars led to any weight loss results. In addition, there were a few of the reviews that noted the high cost of this product and questioned whether or not these bars were worth it.


Contains antioxidants and essential vitamins

Complete ingredient information is posted online for consumer review


Negative reviews posted online

These bars are quite expensive

Company only allows 30 days for returns and charges a 20 percent restocking fee

Final Thoughts

In the end, these Revival Soy Bars are presented as an effective method to increase weight loss results and to even address symptoms of menopause. However, the company does not provide any sort of cited research or other proof to support these claims. Since there are some negative consumer reviews posted online, we do think that these products do not always perform as advertised. However, we do know that some consumers may still be interested in this product and would like to learn more about these bars. In that case, there are a couple of links posted below to sources that take a more in depth look at these bars.


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