Simple Secrets to Losing Pounds Fast

Here are a couple secrets to losing pounds fast. Regardless of if you’re currently losing weight or if you hit a plateau or if you’re gaining weight, these secrets should help you out. You owe it to yourself to take the next 2 minutes to read this article and learn what they are. Read this now if you want to drop pounds and inches.

Secrets to Losing Pounds Fast

1. Use “power snacks” to control cravings

Power snacks are low calorie, yet somewhat filling snacks that are relatively high in either protein or fiber. Good choices for these include beef jerky, string cheese, 80 calories or less yogurts, 10 black olives, or apples. Look, that’s quite the variety there. I know a lot of people get bored eating the same foods over and over. Just try this out for 10 days and see what happens to your body. That’s not asking much, is it?

2. Do bodyweight squats everyday

Bodyweight squats aren’t talked about much, but they’re awesome if you do them fast… and a lot of them. These things help you to tone your legs and burn off a tremendous amount of fat. What I recommend is that you do bodyweight squats during tv commercial breaks.

Take 2 commercial breaks and do at least 50 squats each time. If you can do more, then do more. You don’t need to stop at 50 repetitions. After a week or 2, you should be able to do these easily. That’s when you will add a 3rd commercial break and do another 50+ squats. Do these EVERYDAY.

Try these 2 simple secrets to losing pounds fast and within 2 weeks you’ll be leaner and more firm.


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