The Strategy You Need to Lose Chest Fat

Want a quick and easy bail-out from a ballooning body? Do you especially need to lose chest fat? Has the weight of an overly-mortgaged lifestyle of fast food and cubicle economies reached its limit? Good news: You are the federal authority with regulatory expertise to deliver your own timely rescue.

Begin by doing the math. How did you manage to accumulate an excess of flab? Neither remorse nor blame is beneficial here, but identifying factors that led you down the primrose path to Flubberville is necessary if you really want to lose chest fat.

Think of your body as a corporate entity with an organizational hierarchy and top-notch accounting department. As CEO, either you manage the body’s operations with cutting edge skills or not. You have ultimate power to provide the best working conditions and long-term strategies for growth and survival.

Gaining and losing fat are all about bottom-line accountability. The body’s currency is traded in calories needed to survive and calories spent to function. The accounting department actually is a biochemical process called metabolism that converts calories into energy to fuel the body. The pleasure of owning that triple-decker burger or retreating to a second bowl of ice cream is a palatable reward, but the corporate ledger records everything. Spending calories wisely trims fat from the budget and builds capital reserves.

Creative leadership offers two strategies, each with its own marketplace possibilities. Spending and consuming calories equally yields modest performance. In order to lose chest fat, you are required to retool your calorie department. Since the bottom line is governed by the body’s metabolic rate, the R&D department has a formula for calculating how many calories you need for daily operations.

Diversify by choosing efficient fuels for your body AND exercising. The best food fuels deliver energy in slow steady supplies. Whole grains, fiber from fruits and vegetables, and lean protein provide optimal energy. Highly refined grains, heavy fats, and sugar burn quickly and leave a messy trail of fat residue, making it hard to lose chest fat. A combination of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and mono-unsaturated fats provide the body’s best fuel.

Exercise increases the body’s muscle department and decreases its fat department. Walking, gardening, stretching, and even chores and shopping count as exercise. Thirty minutes of exercise daily is best. Exercises that increase your heart rate force the body to use more fuel. In a few weeks you’ll receive a generous dividend: muscle burns more calories than fat and delivers optimal body performance. What a bonus!


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