Weight Loss Motivation Tip - How Badly Do You Want It?

Before I succeeded with losing 85 pounds and keeping it off, I had tried and failed with so many diets that I lost count. It was discouraging and depressing. I started asking myself…what was different about the last time? What did it finally take for me to succeed?

The answer can be applied to weight loss or any other goal.

It all really comes down to “How badly do you want it?”

It’s said that if you have a strong enough “Why” then you can figure out the “How”.

You must want your goal so badly that you are willing to make the changes necessary to make it happen. But you will have one major obstacle to get over. We humans do not like change. We prefer comfort. Our brains are wired that way.

Now comfort is fine as long as what you are doing is giving you the results you want. But if it isn’t, then you will need to change. You’ll need to take actions daily that will lead you to the results you’re after. Change can be uncomfortable at the beginning. And it takes time before your actions yield results.

If your “Why” is not strong enough, then you will end up quitting when it feels uncomfortable. You will also end up quitting because you will become impatient and think that the results are taking too long.

If you have failed in losing weight, then do what I did. Find a “Why” that really matters to you. Usually, “I want to look good” is not enough. What do you value?

  • Do you value your marriage? Then why will improving your health make you a better wife and lover to your husband?
  • Do you value your children? Then why will improving your health make you a better parent and teacher to your children?
  • Do you value your relationship with God? Then why will improving your health impact your ability to fulfill His purpose for your life?

Do you see what I mean? If you can tie why your efforts will improve those areas in your life that you value, then that “Why” will keep you going on your most challenging days. Eventually your new habits will start to feel comfortable and won’t require as much thought and effort to maintain. But your “Why” will be the engine that drives you to the finish line.

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