Reduce Fat Fast!

Here’s how to reduce fat fast. Look, whatever you’re doing now may not be working out for you. You may be putting in a lot of time for very little results. If that’s the case, take the next 2 minutes and read this article so you can look at things from a new, more FRESH perspective. Weight loss doesn’t have to be the SAME OLD boring and tired methods of reducing calories and exercising a bunch.

Reduce Fat Fast

1. Eliminate junk food snacking with protein shakes, apples, and low calorie yogurts

These 3 things will take you far for weight loss. Don’t underestimate their collective power. The protein shakes and low calorie yogurts have protein. This is powerful because protein naturally increases your metabolism WHILE suppressing your appetite. Apples have 5 grams of fiber and a high water content.

All 3 of these things keep you away from junk foods that have very little nutritional value and a lot of calories. They also help you to eat less at your meals. How about this… just experiment with them. Get a 2 pounds jug of protein powder, 5-6 low calorie yogurts, and a bag of 10-20 apples.

I’m not asking you to totally change up your diet. Just add these in there and see what happens. You may even like it. Crazy, huh!

2. Use cold water after your shower to induce thermogenesis

Thermogenesis is pure fat burning for energy… or heat. Cold water is able to induce thermogenesis AT WILL. You only need 10-20 seconds of this cold water running all over your body to get the fat burning effect out of it. So what I’m asking you to do is to do your normal shower routine… whatever that is. Then, once that is completed, turn the water to really cold and rinse yourself off for 15 seconds or so.

VOILA… instant fat burning for the next FEW HOURS.

These are 2 simple ways on how to reduce fat fast.


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