Dieting Tips For Women

Here are a few dieting tips for women that just may be the missing key to weight loss success. If you’re weight loss efforts are dragging along unsuccessfully, you need a new direction and some FRESH NEW ideas. Just give me 2 minutes of your time to read this article and I think you’ll be happy with the information I’ll share with you. Read this now if you’re open to some new weight loss suggestions.

Dieting Tips for Women

1. Never skip breakfast and always eat protein with your breakfast

I’m sure you’ve heard it before… breakfast is the most important meal of the day. AND… it’s the truth it is. The main reason why is because you just had a mini-fast overnight while you were sleeping. When you wake up, even if you’re not hungry, you’re body is STARVING for nutrients and calories… especially protein.

Why protein?

Because protein up-regulates your metabolism… it speeds it up. While you’re sleeping, your body slows down your metabolism to conserve energy. When you wake up, you need protein to kickstart it back up again.

2. NEVER EVER drink any type of liquid with your meals

Why? Because you have enzymes in your mouth and esophagus. These enzymes are strong and powerful. They pre-digest food and break it down before it gets to your stomach. But oops, you’re drinking something with your meal. You just diluted your enzymes strength. In fact, you washed them away so they couldn’t do their job.

What happens next?

Those foods go down to your stomach without really being pre-digested. They act like BOMBS down there in your stomach. Ever wonder why you have indigestion or stomach aches after eating… wonder no more! Just drink something 5-10 minutes before and after the meals. That’s totally fine. Not with meals.

These 2 dieting tips for women will start you towards faster and more sustained weight loss.


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