You Don t Need 10 Rules For Stomach Fat - What You Need is 2 Things!

I’m not going to give you 10 rules for stomach fat reduction because those types of lists usually have common-sense stupid things on them which you already know. I’m going to give you a few easy secrets that will take you a far way into tightening and flattening your belly.

Forget 10 Rules for Stomach Fat Reduction - Do These Instead

1. Most important exercise for belly is the vacuum pose

I sound like a broken record when talking to clients because usually the thing they most want help fixing is their bellies. AND… I tell them over and over… do the vacuum pose for at least 5 minutes a day.

Why do I tell them that?

Because it’s consistently gotten results for women. You want to know what kind of results? It averages out to just below 2 inches lost from their waists in a 3-4 week time period with just this 1 exercise… 5 minutes a day, everyday.

This isn’t a complicated exercise either. I’m sure you’ve sucked in your belly on numerous occasions. Well, you need to “formalize” that into a program and do it for 5 minutes daily. Pretend you’re pulling your belly button into your spine while sucking in the belly. Once you can pull it any further, hold for 3-7 seconds at a time.


Rest 5 seconds and repeat over and over. Since most of my clients are busy, I tell them to do these during TV commercials. Just 2 TV commercial breaks and you will have done your required 5 minutes for the day. By the way, you do get quicker and better results if you were to boost this up to 10 minutes a day.

2. Forget meal-plan dieting, go with SNACK MANIPULATION

I’ve worked with thousands and thousands of clients. Listen to me here. Start with your snacks before going into a full-fledged diet. Snacks are much easier for people to manipulate into THEIR ADVANTAGE. The key is to have willpower in the grocery store so you don’t have to test your willpower at home. Once the junk food gets into your house… it’ll get eaten sooner or later.

So focus on getting healthy snacks while grocery shopping. Things such as string cheese, beef jerky, apples, bananas, low calorie yogurts, etc. I know that you know which things are healthy. So pick out your favorites and load up on them. Rely on them heavily. They are the key to TRANSFORMING how you eat. This goes a long way to reducing your waist size.

So just to reiterate, you DON’T need 10 rules for stomach fat reduction… use these 2 simple rules and you’ll get consistent progress in reducing your belly.


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