Easy Weight Loss Tips - 5 Tips For Fast and Easy Weight Loss

It really is possible to lose weight fast, especially at the beginning of a diet. The hard part is usually sticking to a plan after you’ve been doing it for several weeks. But if you follow my tips, you should experience a fast and easy weight loss that will give you the psychological boost you need to stick to it for the long run.

1. Write everything down

This is where your success starts. You’ve probably already heard about keeping a food diary, and that’s an excellent idea that will help ensure your success. But it isn’t the only thing you should write down.

You want to get your goals on paper and you want to set mini-goals so you are always working towards an achievement that is near at hand. So write down a mini-goal for your first 10 lbs. Then keep it someplace where you can see it and review it every day.

2. Stop Snacking

If you are being honest with yourself and writing down everything you put into your mouth, then it will be pretty easy to stop the snacking because you won’t want to write it down! But seriously, you need to stop eating outside your meals. No chips, no pastry, no bites here and there. Stop nibbling.

3. Cut the carbs

If you really want to see fast and easy weight loss, the quickest way to lose weight is going to involve cutting carbs, especially white flour and sugar, from your diet. Say good-bye to white flour pasta, bread, rice, potatoes. You’ll want to cut back on fruit too. If you need some starch, enjoy some oatmeal (without sugar or honey!).

Say hello to more green vegetables and lots of fresh salad. Try and enjoy vegetables that you might not eat very often and don’t just stick to romaine and iceberg lettuce for your salads. Mix your lettuces for more flavor.

4. Eliminate Diet Soda

I don’t think there is any solid proof yet that artificial sweeteners increase your appetite or slow weight loss, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence provided by dieters who have cut back on the diet soda to suggest that it is worth experimenting with. If you stop drinking diet soda, you will likely find that the weight drops off easier and you will feel less bloated.

5. Drink more water

I know you are probably tired of hearing it, but drinking more water will definitely help you lose more weight fast. Drinking water will keep your body from holding water so you won’t be bloated and it will also give you a full feeling that will help with appetite control. So drink at least 8 glasses a day.

You can add a squeeze of lemon or lime if it makes it easier to drink. Ice helps too. Skip the artificially sweetened flavor packets for now, otherwise you are wasting your time cutting diet soda. It’s the same sweetener!


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